Dear future lover

2 min readMar 27, 2023


I read an article about how people are supposed to feel safe between the arms of a person, how people are supposed to feel serene, calm and at ease.

I read an article about the love I deserve and the love I should receive because I am capable of giving that same amount of love and more.

I read an article about the beauty of being weak and vulnerable next to the person you love the most.

I read and read and read. And now I am writing to you, and I am telling you:

“Dear future lover, I am writing to you from the present and this present is the future in which you will open this letter.

So listen to me carefully, or rather, read my words with an open mind and a position of wisdom.

Read these words because they are all you should know if you are ready to fall in love with a mess like me, a person who was called “too much”, a person who feels everything deeply, who romanticise every single detail and who gives without limitations.

Dear future lover, you should know that the moment you choose to fall in love with me, you are falling in love with a person who is incapable of trust, a person who overthinks every little detail. This gorgeous girl you are looking at is more than just her looks. She has a brain worth the fight for, she has an imagination that goes beyond the known. This woman is a walking flame, sometimes it can burn, sometimes it can lend you her warmth.

Dear future lover, loving this woman won’t be easy at all. So, if easiness is what you’re looking for, you better finish this article and stop yourself from sending that direct message or that long expressive letter. You better just clap and forget about signing for what you can’t handle.”




My writings are a reflection of who I am, the one who knows me truly is my pen.