Difficult you know !

1 min readMay 23, 2023

It’s so difficult you know !

When you can barely go out of your bed

When your face is pale and your eyes are full of tears

When you can barely breathe, barely feel, barely talk or barely heal

When you fake a smile and answer to questions you wish you never heard

When you hear people talking and it’s gibberish in your ears

When you look but can’t see, foggy and blurry are the faces

When you’re dying from the inside and still have to look alive

When your body tells you: “No, I don’t want to go !”

It’s difficult you know !

You should show up everyday, you should act like you are okey !

“Be careful not to smile, stop ! Hey ! Don’t cry, don’t shed a tear ! Do you forget the powerful woman you are !”

Expressions like this are all you are going to hear !

It’s difficult you know !




My writings are a reflection of who I am, the one who knows me truly is my pen.