Shapes of Love.

2 min readSep 28, 2020


Love through the eyes of a young passionate lover,

A couple sitting in a café, she looked so tired, she put her head on his shoulder while he was playing with her hair locks.

An old men walking in a narrow old medina street holding his wife’s hand, he looked too afraid to lose her.

Two young lovers walking in the street, they were talking while their glances into each other’s eyes were sparkly.

A couple fighting, she took a taxi, she run away and he sat there on the side of the road hiding his face with his hands and looking so remorseful.

I watched my cousin, leaving me talking to myself just so she can go and talk for hours on the phone with her love.

I saw my friend asking me to go out at 3 of the morning just to go and save her relationship.

I saw a dog sleeping at his owners’ grave waiting for him to come back with tears filling his eyes, they were speaking words of loyalty.

I saw a son caring his mother on his back because she couldn’t climb the stairs.

There was also a girl in the street crying, I asked her if she is fine? She answered with a “why”? “why did he leave me alone”?

I know another girl who was crying because she had a fight with her friend, she was crying on a rooftop then he arrived. They hugged each other and both laughed so hard.

There is another girl who spent the whole night starring at the moon waiting for a sign, waiting for her phone to ring or for her heart to stop beating for that person.

It’s wondrous how can each person perceive this feeling on his own way, with its different shapes.

This feeling that can be shown through the smallest gesture, a hug after a long separation or an honest “I love you” after a fight.

It can be felt between friends, family, lovers and also a pet and his owner.




My writings are a reflection of who I am, the one who knows me truly is my pen.