2 min readApr 17, 2020


She wasn’t as pretty as the girls in magazines,

But she had a shine in her soul, a glimmer lightening the darkness surrounding her.

She was a sun to her moon,

But just like the sun, she could make you feel the warmth of her good heart but still can burn you with the wrath of her anger.

She loved bright colors and that’s why she loved sunflowers.

Yellow, orange, red, the closest colors to her heart while reflecting her friendly, warm, but wild spirit.

Easy to wilt when she feels ignored just like Tinkerbelle when no one cared about her;

Her sparkle will just fade, disappearing thes same way the mist easily does every cold morning.

Her charm that hides in her heart and her soul, once colonized she will become a broken mold.

It wasn’t easy for her to face the world but all she could do is to follow the light.

She needed no gloom, just like sunflowers, it is by turning around, following the sunbeams that she could survive.

Another surprising fact about sunflowers, they can absorb toxins.

The only difference is our sunflower was different, toxicity killed her slowly.

How such a beautiful yellow flower can have so much darkness inside her?

And how can she survive between the cruelties of the world feeding on her kindness?




My writings are a reflection of who I am, the one who knows me truly is my pen.